An unusual ABBA record

When All Is Said Is Done

In early 1982 it was time for a second single from The Visitors album. ABBA and Polar Music had selected ‘Head Over Heels’ backed with the album’s title track, with many of ABBA’s licensees around the world following suit.

RCA in Australia instead chose what many have long thought was the obvious single from the album, ‘When All Is Said And Done’, which had actually been the lead single from the album in North America at the end of 1981.

‘When All Is Said And Done’ had in fact been the first song from the album heard in Australia, when the film clip was played on the ABC-TV music show Countdown the week before the album was released.

Unlike the previous two Australian singles (‘Super Trouper’ and ‘One Of Us’), RCA decided to put the single in a picture sleeve. Through an unfortunate error with the artwork, the first print run gave the song title ‘When All Is Said Is Done’.

RCA’s initial reaction was to just release the picture sleeve as is. But wiser heads prevailed, and the sleeve was reprinted with the correct title before the single made its way to the nation’s record shops. However, an unknown quantity of the misprinted sleeves appeared on sale. From available evidence, it seems to have been available in some regional cities in the state of New South Wales.

Sadly, all this effort was for naught. The single peaked at number 81, with a chart life of just three weeks.

But it did give ABBA collectors a most unusual rarity.

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  1. Scandiaca Says:

    Wow, I must admit I´ve never seen this before.. :-/ I am taken aback a bit. Thanks for information!

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